When should I take a pregnancy test?  The most accurate time to take a pregnancy test is after a missed period.  You can receive accurate results before this time, but results are the most accurate following this time.  
What are my options if I am pregnant?  Once you have a confirmed pregnancy, you have three options.  You can choose parenting, adoption, or abortion.  Our staff at Pregnancy Choices wants you to know that we are here to inform you about your options and help you through this decision- making process.  We are a safe and confidential place that doesn't benefit financially or personally from your decision.  We just want to support you!  Finding out you're pregnant can cause a lot of emotions to arise.  Make sure you talk to someone about what is going on in your world.  Feel free to make an appointment to talk with us more about your options.
Do you give out birth control?
We do not hand out or refer for birth control.  However, if you want more information on birth control, we would be happy to discuss that with you.  Feel free to call and set up an appointment.
Do you provide PlanB?
We do not hand out or refer for PlanB/the Morning After Pill.  However, if you want more information on how this pill works and its side effects, feel free to call and set up an appointment.  812-847-4611
Do you offer services for men?
Yes!  Our services are for both men and women.  For every woman that is pregnant, there is also a man that is affected.  Our Client Advocates would be available to meet with these men and answer questions, discuss their circumstances, and offer fatherhood classes if the man is interested. We also offer STI testing and treatment for men. Please come with a full bladder if you are a male coming for STI testing.  Classes for men on sexual integrity and secondary virginity are also available.  
Do I need to bring anything with me or prepare for my visit?
Upon arrival, every client must fill out the appropriate paperwork and provide us with their ID to copy and add to their file.  We are a confidential agency, the copy of your ID will help us in keeping your information confidential.  
Also, if you are coming for a pregnancy test/ultrasound, you should come to your appointment with a full bladder for the most accurate test results.

If you are a male coming for STI testing, you should come to your appointment ready to provide a urine sample.
How do I know if I need to get tested for STI's?  If you have had exposure to someone's genital area then you should get tested.  You do not have to have sexual intercourse to contract some STI's.  Therefore, if you have had oral sex, or participated in mutual masturbation, you still need tested.  If you have been tested but have added a new partner, (or if your partner has added a new partner), then you need to be retested.  Many times STI's show no symptoms, so don't wait for symptoms to appear before getting tested.  Also, condoms do not offer 100% protection from STI's.   

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